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PWS Architecture

North East Architectural Design

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In Brief

PWS Architecture specializes in the design of residential buildings. They already had an online presence in regards to a website but, this was created in house and was only ever supposed to be temporary. They came to me to completely revamp their website and truly show the business owners personality off within it.


Upon discussing the sites goals and content requirements we concluded that the main aspect of the website would be to show potential clients a showcase of previous and ongoing work. We came to an agreement to split the whole project into 2 Phases. The first phase was to get the website wireframed, designed and then developed. Phase 2 was to then go over the website and polish over any issues within the website (Purely aesthetical based upon reviews) and to also add in a 3D interactive model that I had the idea of adding to really show off PWS's work.

The UI design needed to be easy to navigate, uncluttered and pleasing to the eye. This was accomplished by not cluttering the screen with unnecessary information and also adding a soft background animation that really set the mood of the website.

Being a small team and aiming to be personal with every client we came to the agreement of adding a personal 'About' page with a Spiel of each staff member that let Clients feel alot closer to the team they could potentially be hiring.

Languages Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Javascript Librarys Used

  • JQuery.JS
  • CreateJS.JS
  • TweenMax.JS

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