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In Brief

Mike Robins General Builder is a North East based constructor. He originally came to me in order to update his existing website and modernize it. Upon looking for his old Website we realised that the hosting had expired and his website had been lost. This small remodel job on a website then turned into a full website build from the ground up.


Upon discussing the sites goals and content requirements we concluded that the main aspect of the website would be to show potential clients the work that the business could carry out, therefor increasing leads. I was given a list of the core work to be listed on the website, told that the website was to follow a green color code and was given the freedom to design however i seen fit. The very first thing i done was design a logo for free for the website as the current logo would not have went well on any website. I looked around the Internet for potential inspiration and found that many contractors and builders opted to build their own websites so my options were pretty limitless.

I designed the website to be one page as the Business didnt want a large bulky website that would have cost more when they only needed an online presence. This does limit SEO as was told to the Client, due to there being less pages on the Internet for Google and other search engines to find.

Languages Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP

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Mike Robins website design preview